Musician Related fanlistings:

xKaoru: A fanlisting dedicated to the leader and lead guitarist of the Jrock band Dir en grey.

ultramania: A fanlisting for the Korean singer Seo Taiji (formerly of Seo Taiji boys). Listed on

Remember...: a fl for Yura from the Jrock band Psycho Le Cemu. Hosted on (soon to move :P)

KismeT: a slash/yaoi fl for Kaoru and Toshiya of Dir en grey. For fans of the pairing.

I Forget... I Forgive
I Forget... I Forgive: a fl for general Jrock fans. Listed on

- Candy Coated Lies
Angelo Munro (the bleeders) fl.

Hosted on
- Trueheart
Kaoru x Shinya fl. (yaoi)

- Zygote
Official FL for Kaoru ('official' according to

- Ilah
FL for kiwi band - Blindspott ♥